When someone dies

And you are sad

People say you should

Be glad, for the person you knew

and loved

They try to make

You believe

That is not all over, and

The person you loved

Has just popped into the next room

When the truth is,

something else

This room where they are

Is too far away

You can’t touch them

You can’t see them

And you can’t hear what they have to say

You don’t believe it for a while

Whether expected or sudden

It takes your breath away

And you miss them

And are angry

And sad

You think of the good times, and

It’s worse

So when someone you love

Has gone

Don’t try to forget

Don’t try to be brave,

one day

the tears may not be so raw

You may not want to howl

And you will come to see

The person you love

And miss

so much, is

Really not in that far away room

But there

Where they were,


in your heart